The Maze Runner

Thomas has been placed among a small community of teenage boys who have built an oasis within the center of a massive stone maze. No one remembers who they are, or what they are doing there.  Thomas quickly learns “No one goes into the maze”. The maze surrounding them is confusing, dangerous, and most of all inescapable. Mysterious things start to happen in the maze, though, once Thomas shows up. Will Thomas ever find a way out of the maze, or more importantly…who put him there?

That’s basically the whole movie without giving up too much. The Maze Runner has an excellent premise, a good lead actor in Dylan O’ Brian

Mark thought it was 'meh'
Mark thought it was ‘meh’

, and wonderful special effects throughout. All of this leads up to a disappointment of a film. The trailer builds it up way too much by showing the best parts in the movie, and basically spoiling some of the movie’s best plot points. A perfect analogy would be The Purge.  Basically The Purge had the exact same positive aspects going for it as The Maze Runner. Everyone got excited seeing the trailer of this movie with a breakthrough idea, and were thoroughly let down. The Maze Runner isn’t complete garbage, but you would expect more from what you have already seen and heard about it.

BOBCAT RECOMMENDATION:  Wait until it comes out on Redbox, or lower your expectations. Unless you’re 13 in which case you might like The Maze Runner. 


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