If I Stay

Mia undergoes an out of body experience after a car accident leaves her in a coma. She has to decide whether to stay in this world that has drastically changed in a moment or to die. While outside of her body, Mia experiences flashbacks that help her determine what she needs to do.

This movie is a total chick flick. The whole movie is centered around a young, hip romance between complex Mia, and her rock star boyfriend Adam. Throughout the movie, Mia’s memories show the story of her family, how she meet Adam, and progresses from there. Parallel to that storyline is the storyline of Mia in the hospital and the things she sees while outside her body. It’s a well thought out story, and very well written. There’s a couple corny jokes, some characters annoy, and some bad acting, but overall the movie is good. A major theme of the movie is music. Mia plays the cello, her boyfriend is in a band, and Mia’s parents were into the punk rock scene. Imagine this movie as the teenage love story sister of Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.

Source: http://www.soundtrackmania.com/ifi-stay-soundtrack-list.html
Source: http://www.soundtrackmania.com/ifi-stay-soundtrack-list.html

Different story, genre, and feel but the push of music, and good soundtrack are the same. Overall, I thought the movie wasn’t bad. Besides a couple things, the movie does a pretty good job of appealing to it’s audience. I would recommend seeing this if:

  • You like romance/drama.
  • You’re a fan of teenage heart-throbs.
  • It’s date night.
  • You like music.

As a guy, I felt like this wasn’t something I normally watched because it was a drama/romance movie, but if you give If I Stay a chance I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

BOBCAT RECOMMENDATION: Watch it if you like similar titles as The Notebook, Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, or any drama/romance teenage coming of age film.


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