The Equalizer

Denzel Washington stars as friendly McCall who works at a neighborhood hardware store who is hiding a mysterious past. After a friend is brutally beaten and hospitalized by Russian mobsters, McCall takes action. Has McCall mistakenly messed with the wrong people, or has the mob messed with the wrong person?

The Equalizer is a non-stop thrill ride, full of action, and a great cast to boot. Directed beautifully, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat, and leave you wanting more. I really enjoyed it because of all the action, and suspense. Another great point the movie nailed was making Denzel’s character likeable. Everyone roots for him throughout, and Denzel Washington did a wonderful job making the character come to life and really stand out. Just a good movie overall, and I think most people in the theater enjoyed it as much as I did. Here’s a link to the trailer: The Equalizer.



  • Lots of action!
  • Great directing!
  • Denzel does it again!
  • Very archetypal movie characters. Good guy/bad guy!
  • Super Awesome Movie!


  • A little long. The movie is a little of two hours.

BOBCAT RECOMMENDATION: This is a very good movie if you like action, Denzel Washington, or crime movies. I highly recommend seeing in theaters unless you’re waiting for a specific movie. It’s definitely one of the stronger action movies to come out in the past couple of months! Go see it!!!!




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