Chicken Run

Now on Netflix is the stop motion family classic Chicken Run!!! The movie takes place on a chicken farm in England where everyday the chickens are forced to lay eggs or face the axe from the farmer’s wife Mrs. Tweedy. One rebellious chicken, Ginger, has almost given up after countless failed escapes until a rooster, Rocky,  shows up. Rocky claims to know how to fly, and is willing to teach the chickens if they will hide him from the circus chasing him. Is this the miracle Ginger has been dreaming of, or is it too good to be true?

Without a doubt Chicken Run is a classic! It’s family friendly, funny, full of stop-motion action, and will make everyone smile. I saw this old gem on Netflix, and I knew I had to watch it again. Chicken Run will take you back to the simpler times of childhood, and make you sorry you ever grew up. This was and is one of the best movies to watch as a child, and I know it’ll please audiences for years to come.

Most of the characters are played by English actors except Rocky who is an American rooster who escapes from the circus. He’s played by none-other than Mel Gibson. There’s no foul language, sexual themes, or bloody violence. My recommendation is to see this movie with a younger sibling or friend. Actually watch this movie with anyone or by yourself. It’s feel good throughout, and I think you’ll enjoy it!!


  • Great film.
  • Stop motion production which is always fun.
  • Family friendly.
  • Humorous throughout and not too serious.


  • None.



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