John Wick

A group of Russian mobsters broke into a man’s home, stole his car, and killed his dog. What they didn’t know was that the dog was a gift to the man from his wife before she died. The Russian mobsters don’t know who this man is that they wronged, but they will soon find out. John Wick is coming to get them all, and he’s not happy.

This movie will blow you away!!! It’s so B.A. and full of mystery, stylized action sequences, and there’s never a dull moment. Some movies struggle to find out what they want to project. John Wick is not that type of movie. It’s a action packed thrill fest, and it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It’s an action movie, so there’s a lot of action, violence, and bad guys getting hurt. Keanu Reeves


is the perfect person to play this role, and he nails it perfectly. Words can’t describe how much I loved this movie. Imagine a redefined, less terrible, and cooler version of The Punisher. Same basic theme: bad guys mess with the wrong person, and he takes revenge. Trust me, if you like action movies this is the movie to see.


  • Surprised me in a good way.
  • The movie builds up the legend surrounding who John Wick is.
  • Action throughout. There’s probably five minutes in the movie without someone getting killed.
  • Stylized action. Imagine less Commando, but more Kill Bill. (Lot’s of hand to hand fighting).
  • Keanu Reeves is Keanu Reeves aka awesome.
  • It’s just B.A.


  • Kind of cheesy, but in a good way that benefits the movie.

BOBCAT RECOMMENDATION: If I wasn’t a broke college student, I would see this movie at least two more times in theaters. If you like action movies, don’t sleep on this movie and don’t wait for it to come out on DVD. It’s sooooo good. GO SEE IT!!


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