Lou Bloom is a eccentric thief seeking a real job where he can grow it into a career. He’s driven, focused, and willing to do anything. After witnessing a car crash being filmed by cameramen, he learns about the disturbing business of “nightcrawling”. Night-crawlers film accidents, crimes, and disasters  and sell the film to television news programs who break the story. Intrigued and armed with a camera, Lou tries to break into the industry no matter the cost.

Nightcrawler was a great film, but it wasn’t what I expected. I assumed it was more of a mystery/suspense crime thriller, but in fact I would label this as more of a psychological thriller/drama. It’s disturbing no doubt, and it’s a thriller, but there’s no mystery to it. I went into the theater expecting something totally different than what I viewed, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great film. That being said, I enjoyed the movie, and it was worth watching. Jake Gyllenhaal is terrific, and his performance as his character of Lou is mind-blowing. There’s some seat grabbing moments, and the film does an excellent job drawing you into the movie.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal portrays Lou Bloom perfectly.
  • The film is completely different from anything else out now.
  •  Dialogue between characters in well written.
  • Good thrills throughout.


  • You already know who’s the bad guy from the opening scene.
  • Lou’s character is almost more important to take note of than the actual plot.
  • Just different from what I expected (personal issue).

BOBCAT RECOMMENDATION: I would wait for this movie to come out on DVD or Redbox rather than seeing it in theaters. Honestly, it just depends on what type of person you are. There’s less action/suspense and more “wow this guy is messed up”. If you like movie where there’s a complex or intriguing character than I would recommend this movie. I would advise movie lovers to see it because its a great movie, but maybe not in theaters considering all the great movies coming out next week. It’s a good movie; it’s just different. Not a bad thing.


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