Due to environmental changes, Earth is slowing losing oxygen and a strain of crop disease is destroying the world’s ability to make food. In the next couple of years, everyone on Earth will die from starvation, suffocation, or both. Cooper is a former engineer and fighter pilot who has given up on his dreams to be a farmer like everyone else to provide for his children. Stumbling upon a secret NASA mission, Cooper is given the assignment to lead a team to search for a habitable planet out in space. Will Cooper be able to leave his family to save mankind, will there be a new home in the stars for humans, and if Copper finds a possible planet will there be an Earth to go back to?

Christopher Nolan has done it again! This movie is visually striking, futuristic, and will have you talking with all your friends about it’s major plot points for days after you see it. I thought it was just a space exploration adventure film until midway through when everything tied together and I was thoroughly confused from that point on. Just know that everything about the film is amazing except you’re probably going to have to go online for an explanation of the ending. Remember that this movie is from the same director of Inception and Memento, so if you’re like me prepare to feel stupid. Good movie though!

BOBCAT RECOMMENDATION: I really enjoyed it although it was confusing, but once it was explained to me and I thought about it I felt better. Go see it in theaters because everyone’s going to be talking about it. Pee before the movie because Interstellar is about three hours long, but there’s never a dull moment. I really enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it!


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