Get the most out of your television watching experience!

Recently, my friend said he didn’t enjoy watching television. I was appalled and considered slapping him in the face. This story is made up, but that’s mostly because I don’t have friends (just kidding, I do). Many in our society today, though, prefer other activities to watching television. Shocking, isn’t it? Personally, I chalk that up to poor television watching techniques, so here’s some tips to get the most out of watching T.V. which isn’t a whole lot, but you get the point.

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First it’s good to have a television. If you don’t then viewing your favorite T.V. shows might prove difficult. Second, you should be comfortable because if you’re not then you might want to do something else. Hopefully nothing productive though.

Continuing, you should make sure to have snacks within reaching distance. It can a big snack or a small snack, a plate of cheese-sticks or a plate of carrots, or an actual meal if you’re really hungry. If you’re eating, then you need something to drink. It would be a shame to get up in the middle of Breaking Bad to get a glass of water because you wanted to munch on a bag of Lays, the driest chip known to man, and didn’t bring anything to drink to the couch.

Lastly, it’s good to have a smartphone or laptop nearby to tweet about what you’re watching. Is it really good, did it blow you away, or did it suck? Did it suck so bad that we should watch it like Sharknado? Make sure to let your followers know!

This post isn’t suppose to be serious, but I think people should have fun when watching television or at least get the most out of the experience. If watching television has been so bad for you that you’ve been driven to read a book, then maybe this post will help. If you like to read more than watch television or movies then congrats because you’re better than me which isn’t much but it’s something.


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