Beyond the Lights

With her mother pushing her towards success, upcoming singer Noni is finally beginning to achieve fame. After a hard look at her life, she decides to take it but is saved by police officer Kaz who’s father pushes him towards politics. With each other, they begin to find what they truly want in life not just what they parents want for them.

Beyond the Lights blew me away. I found it hard to turn away. I knew it was a romantic, dramatic movie before I saw it. Normally I hate films of these particular genres, but decided to go because my brother wanted to go. All my expectations were smashed. It’s a great film, and there’s never a dull moment. It will make you think about love, fame, the expectations put before us, and what you truly want in life.

I liked this film so much! If you like love stories then you will love this film. Trust me when I say this movie is amazing. Beautiful acting, terrific story, and amazing drama filled story plots points help make this movie a masterpiece.

BOBCAT RECOMMENDATION: I really recommend this movie to everyone. If you’re more of an action, mystery, horror, or thriller movie buff then this movie might not be for you. If you like the Notebook, dramas, and or romance movies then this movie is definitely for you. I think anyone would like this movie though. See this film immediately!!!! I think Beyond the Lights isn’t in theaters currently, but trust me when I say you should definitely see this movie!!


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