Blogging Summary So Far

As this year comes to a close, I have contemplated my blogging experience. I have experimented with many different visual and media tools, promoted my blog on many different social media sites, and learned many different things along the way. It was a fun experience, but it’s not ending for a while. One of the big things I have learned is you need to stay blogging. If you let your blog die, then all your work becomes a flash in the pan even less if it wasn’t a flash. While I didn’t gain a huge following, the knowledge I obtained will definitely help in the future.

The tools I found most effective were IMovie, widgets, and YouTube. IMovie is a great tool to use for editing purposes and is very easy to use no matter what editing experience you have. has many great widgets that can help spruce up your blog. I added a Twitter, Instagram, and search bar widget to my blog. Now it looks better than just some pictures and paragraphs. Also, I found followers of my blog adding me on social media, and vice versa. Lastly I found YouTube to be valuable because of the exposure it offers. Anyone in the world can view your videos, and give you feedback. I plan on implementing YouTube videos into my blog more in future posts.

There were not many tools that I didn’t enjoy using, and I found there was no negative media tools. What matters is how you use those tools. Are you using it effectively? Is it working? Are people taking notice to what you are experimenting with? I would include more interactive tools like polls or surveys on my blog, but I just have to experiment more with all of the great resources WordPress offers.

I think this experience could greatly help me in the future because I have the opportunity to gain a following or the respect of bloggers with similar blogs or interests. I think I have something special here not because it’s super awesome, but because I’m passionate about the subject I’m blogging about. I think this will help greatly in the future because people will see I’m doing something I enjoy, I have opinions, and have a creative project that I work on. I think it can only be a positive, so I won’t let it die.

It’s been a great project to work on, and there’s a lot of work still to do. I think if I keep up with it and keep posting, I can only improve. I’m really passionate about this blog, and I hope people will see that more and more as I continue to work on this blog. Thanks for all the input, and be sure to keep up with the blog. Below is the face I make when I get a like, so be sure to like my posts haha.


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