BOBCAT Movie Reviews!!!

The Croods!!!
The Croods!!!

Hello, I’m Michael and this blog will attempt to give a unique perspective on movies from the viewpoint of a Texas State college student. No more tomatoes, stars, thumbs up or thumbs down, and definitely no percentages to rate whether a movie is worth watching. The blog will attempt to give an easier approach to movie watchers who are still deciding on what to watch. Should they watch it in theaters, wait for it to come out on Redbox, or save their time and money? What should they expect? Does the trailer build the movie up too much? Should they lower their expectations?  Ultimately, is it worth watching? All these questions and more will be answered through the reviews by yours truly.

I have decided to build my blog around movies because I love film, and television. Another reason for the blog is too many sites emphasize a rating system that can make or break a movie. No one will see a movie in theaters with a horrible Rotten Tomatoes score, and that can block many from seeing a film they may have enjoyed.

Hopefully I will explore terrific, wonderful films past and present, and reach out to a movie loving audience. I plan on using such online tools as videos, links, and others in my blogs.